Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Goodbye Post

As the semester and our time in Journalism 176 draws to a close, we must put an end to our collaborative media fluency blog. We hope you have found our blog informing, entertaining and educational. We have loved learning to blog together and exploring media fluency in ways we thought would be relevant to our readers.

- Tahleel, Olivia, Sam, Marty, and Lexi

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Picking Which Advertisements You View Online

As media has progressed, so has advertising. Such progress and technology has made options a new part of advertising.

I was watching a TV show on Hulu today when I noticed that each time an advertisement came on screen, there was a box at the top reading "is that ad relevant to you?" I was then given the option to press yes or no.

I decided the tab was interesting and played around with it a little. The first advertisement I viewed was about a car. Since I am not in the market for a car any time soon, I checked the "no" button. On the next commercial break, I was shown advertisements for Scott Walker and Hulu. Being a student in Wisconsin who uses Hulu on a weekly basis, both advertisements were extremely relevant to me.

The ability to view a variety of advertisements and choose which ones you would like to see again enhances the commercial viewing experience. As a viewer, I am more likely to watch an advertisement that is relevant to me. Furthermore, if the majority of the advertisements appearing on my computer are tailored specifically to me, I am in turn more likely to view all advertisements, catching some new ones that I may not have chosen.

I see this as a brilliant advertising move making both producers and consumers happy. Consumers are only viewing the ads they want to while producers are increasing their chances to make a sale by targeting consumers interested in their goods.

Do you think all ads shown on the computer should come with the option for you to state whether or not the ad is relevant to you?

A Commercial at Work

Sitting in my living room just the other day my friend and I were in the midst of watching the Cubs game but after the inning ended, the commercials came on. One of the commercials that came on was a McDonalds commercial. It grabbed the attention of both my friend Andy and I. The commercial showed people eating McDonald's and being happy and there was music in the background and just lots of things going on. When the commercial ended my friend Andy and I were talking about how diverse the commercial was. I think that's what really grabbed our attention the most. McDonald's has more diversity in their commercial's than most other companies I have ever seen. I guess they almost have to though because of the diversity of their customers. Anyways, when the game we were watching turned back on Andy and I got hungry and the top restaurant in mind... McDonald's. The commercial we just saw was not only on our minds, but had just entered out stomachs. All in all, we made the trip to drive thru McDonald's. On our way we saw an advertisement for the Shamrock Shake, so we bought those too. Today McDonald's was two for two in their advertising towards my friend and I. My question is... are all companies as good as McDonald's is at advertising and it's just my personal preference that wanted McDonald's, or is McDonald's really better than most other companies at advertising?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I found this article while browsing and it struck me. The article compares advertising and talks of  some positive and negative points. It begins by talking about the future of advertising and advertising profesional named Brian Wong who has been named to many lists including Top 5 Young Entrepreneur's To Watch. His secret with advertising is that when most people are concerned about impressions, he looks for moments. He has been hired by many huge companies to work in their promotions including Sephora and American Apparel. It continues to talk about how people dont have to loathe ads as the missed conception but can actually love ads.

Check out the article...What do you think about the future of advertising?


This week for class we read a lot about Facebook and people's online identities in "The Face of Facebook".  Mark Zuckerberg claims that the invention of Facebook will make the world we live in more transparent.  He also says all of our worlds/ identities are beginning to mesh on Facebook because there is nowhere to hide.  I 100% disagree.  I feel that Facebook allows the user to shape and mold a profile that appeals to everyone even if it is not true.  For example, people are allowed to tag and untag every picture they are tagged in.  They can delete things they have said that they might regret. The user can control who sees what, and everything else on their profile.  Also, you can control who you are and are not friends with.  Facebook gives complete control to the user and allows them to form and mold an online persona that is not transparent in the slightest.  You 100% manage almost every aspect of your life and you can make it look however you want.  I think these facts are important to consider while looking at other profiles on Facebook.  Especially when receiving friend requests.  I also find it questionable that so many employers rely on Facebook to hire employees.  How can anyone be certain of what a person is like simply based on their profile?  They cant because the user has all the control to make themselves appear however they want.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Can you say Lifestyle marketing?

A while back this commercial was pretty popular and Old Spice was getting a lot attention because of it. In fact this commercial is STILL getting a lot of attention the views and comments still rolling in on YouTube. The latest comment was posted an hour ago and the video itself was posted over two years ago. (The video also well over 40 million views.)

So what is so appealing about this commercial. Someone in the Old Spice Offices is clearly doing something right. They put an attractive guy next to there product, somethings women love, and they know men love women. So what did they do over at Old Spice? They told men that if they wore Old spice wonderfully impossible things would happen to them, and oh yeah girls would eat it up.

The interesting thing about this commercial is that there is nothing subtle about it. Old Spice is not even attempting to mask their obvious lifestyle marketing with this ad. Lifestyle marketing is when advertiser exploit the values (or even create them) of a culture for the purpose of profit.

Because of this one commercial telling women what the want, and men what they need the guy in the video was able to launch his acting career and no doubt Old Spice made a little bit of extra cash on the side. This commercial also makes statements about masculinity and what it means to be masculine.

This commercial has become so popular that even sesame street did a parody of it. Here is the link. Sesame Street isn't the only one either What does this translate into for Old Spice? Free publicity, thats right! This is especially true thanks to youtube and social media.

But what do we think is worse Lifestyle Marketing that is subtle perhaps undetectable or overt use of the strategy? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW...

Consumerism and Facebook

A lot of times us Facebook users (i.e. virtually everyone on the planet) too often thing of Facebook in the realm of things we produce online. We're always thinking about this we put online and that's mostly the side of Facebook we talk about in school, work, and among friends. However in our participation in FB we are consuming a lot more than we are producing. And this consumption is not just by the overstated consumption of things Facebook the Company have put online for us (Apps, access to advertisers, etc.); it is also our consumption of things our FB friends put online.

We might consider being more critically of the things we see on Facebook. Just because someone has over 1,000 friends on Facebook that doesn't mean they are personable or have many friends in real life. (Yes I'm aware that sometimes they are personable and have a lot of friends but we should consider that sometimes they are not.) I'm not judging all I'm saying is what people but on FB is what they want you to see not necessarily the truth. We here a lot about how you can tell so much about a person from their FB profile and you can, but we should consider this with a grain of salt. Someone's online persona can be quite different from their persona in real life.

Photos can often me misleading often times they are photoshopped. And have you notice that need people   now have to photographically document every moment in their life, thanks to FB. People feel the need to make their life seem more exciting on their profiles. Pre-FB I could hang out with people hung out without taking pictures every time someone blinked. Facebook users have this "look at me" tendency. Now people are constantly snapping photographs to put on FB. In extreme cases with people whom they don't know very well, or just met just to increase the headcount. Had it not been for Facebook they might not have asked.