Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Clint Eastwood commercial

When watching the Super Bowl just last night in the amazing game between the Giants and Patriots the world was watching closely at the hundreds of millions of dollars that was spent on advertising. Some people only watch the Super Bowl for the advertisements anyways, so it’s meant to be a hefty price. It’s amazing how much money was revolving around the Super Bowl game when you really think about it. The game alone costs gazillions, let alone all the television revenue, and extras. But as I sit here today and make an effort to not only analyze the game, but the advertisements too, I can’t get over thinking how the companies did such a nice job including everybody of all genders and multiple ethnicities in their commercials. In this day in age we see a ton of negativity towards the media and how the public continues to think that there is not enough diversity.

The Super Bowl is one of America’s largest events of the year, and it showed by its ratings. Last night the game scored a 47 household rating, which makes it the most watched event in television history. There were a few commercials that stood out to me, but the one that stood out the most had to be the Clint Eastwood commercial where he was promoting GM and Detroit. You can watch it here: Detroit Super Bowl Commercial. I chose this commercial to talk about because it is a perfect example of how the media is indeed diverse. Not only that, but the Super Bowl is not only geared towards men anymore. Sure, there are a million obvious reasons that can back up an argument of why it is geared towards men, but on the opposite side there are also a few arguments of why it is not.

This commercial with Clint Eastwood in it is all about a country strong together as one. Yes, in reality it was an advertisement from GM so they can promote their product, but it was created in a way in which the audience, us, would not solely think about it this way. The commercial was talking about how it was halftime, not only in the Super Bowl, but in America too, except in America, it is not just a game. Clint Eastwood was talking about how America can make a comeback. He said people are out of work and need to stand together. He kept saying we need to come from behind and come together. Clint Eastwood talked about how Detroit is coming back after it’s fall off the face of the Earth. I thought it was a perfect time for this commercial with our country not doing so well and the super polarized political system we have. Scenes shown in the commercial included whites, blacks, asians, latinos, men, women, and children. The ending of the commercial was my favorite part when Clint stated: “This country can’t be knocked out with one punch, we get right back up again and when we do the world is going to hear the roar of our engines.”

As a part of the audience, I felt a little pride in this commercial, and it was obvious from this commercial that the game last night was not solely directed towards men, but rather everybody in this country as a whole, together as one.

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