Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you seen the new Progressive Insurance commercial?

If you haven’t seen this commercial yet I recommend doing so by clicking here.
The first time I saw this commercial I was very confused, and sad to say, I am still a bit confused. I am looking forward to hearing feedback to see what you guys think of it, but let me take a stab at it first.
Progressive Insurance is plain and simple; it’s an insurance company. I know them for the way the portray there product. It’s not just this commercial, but really all of them are pretty similar. They all have the overly hyped up woman with too much lip stick on and a blank white setting with Progressive Insurance boxes everywhere. A commercial will usually go as follows. It will open with the Progressive woman talking to a customer about their product and then there will be some sort of miscue or funny situation occur. What happens next is the customer and the Progressive woman sort of ignoring the problem and comparing Progressive to other insurance companies. The commercial finally ends with something that is supposed to be funny but is absolutely not.
This commercial sparked my interest though because it was the first time ever where I really thought deeply about what was going on. I think this is because I didn’t understand the commercial, and still sort of don’t. Regardless, after learning a little bit about Progressive and watching a multitude of their commercials I feel like they do not target a specific demographic. Maybe this is true with all insurance company commercials or not, but Progressive definitely is wide open. The only thing that stays the same with these commercials is that the main actor is a white woman and the setting is a blank white stage. I think Progressive decided to make the setting a blank white stage because they want their audience to think freely about what the commercial is. I feel like it’s almost as if they want their audience to paint their own picture. Progressive is trying to break the stereotypical insurance company boundaries by not only placing this funny, outgoing, loud, woman as their main sales person but also showing a multitude of different customers and different comical situations. In this specific commercial the Progressive woman was talking to another woman about insurance and then they looked at these two white males with their pants on fire. I think there pants were on fire to symbolize that they were lying but that’s where I got confused.
After watching the commercial you guys should post to help me clarify what it’s about. Is Progressive going further than I thought with this specific commercial? Am I reading this totally wrong? A lot of questions can be addressed with this commercial so I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


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  2. Sam, I wanted to touch on your claim that Progressive doesn't have a target market. I agree that the white environment leaves the audience to paint their own picture of what their perfect insurance company would be like. However, I think that they are definitely targeting a specific audience in this way. In my opinion, their advertising strategy seems similar to that of Apple; setting themselves apart from the other insurance companies as the new and innovative company, the "hip" company. The unique and progressive idea, and no, I didn't mean to make that reference to their name. I think this also portrayed through the use of Flo's (the woman in the commercial) eccentric personality. Their target market is the young(er), the hip, and the intrigued by innovation. Of course, from a marketing perspective, their target market is far more specific than I described, but there is a definite "feel" they bring to their consumers.

  3. The commercial clearly explains in the first 8 to 10 seconds that progressive offers potential customers their competitors average price points. Whats confusing about that?
    The rest is comical filler. Haven't you heard the old saying, "liar, liar, pants on fire."

  4. Okay so.... This commercial sends all the wrong messages... First why would you feel safe buying a product as in (insurance) when their own advertising campaign is confusing? Second, the commercial is so annoying that I change the channel every time I see it.
    But back to the confusing part... Confusing your customers is the absolutely worst way to sell a product, maybe they are confusing their customers so when something happens and when it comes time to deal with the insurance company they can overcharge you and confuse (trick) you in to things you do not need. By having a confusing a commercial sends the wrong message. I know I would not feel safe using them as my insurance when their own advertising is nothing but (filler) confusing. The marketing group behind the Progressive commercials needs to be fired. I would say this was a fail on their part.

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