Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ads through Google Tracking

I definitely would consider myself an avid user of Facebook. I actually wrote a paper about this for a journalism class last semester. Recently, however, Facebook has begun making me a bit more skeptical. My Facebook page is always logged on from my Blackberry and almost always from my computer. And lately, I've noticed the ads that can be found on the side of my profile and home page are almost always directed exactly to me. These ads are almost always very similar to some of my recent Google searches. 

Again, in looking back on my journalism class from last semester, I remember talking about this one week. The internet, and especially Google, is doing an impressive job with tracking its users and what they like. When I log on to my most visited website, Facebook, I can automatically be provided with advertisements of clothes I like, sports teams I cheer for, food I enjoy and much more. As cool as this, I think its a little scary too. Have we lost all of our privacy thanks to the internet? Later in the semester, I may try out an experiment in regards to this.

Its crazy to think that by searching something on the internet, it can be linked to the rest of your online viewing. Does that mean that everyone is available to see what we are posting? I'll attach a link (once I find it) of an article that goes very in depth to this subject. It really makes you wonder what to put on the internet. 

And that brings up another topic of what is too much to post online? With the job market being so competitive, its things like google searches, background searches, etc. that can make the difference. So bloggers be careful on what you post in cyber space.

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  1. I definitely agree with you on the whole Facebook idea. My phone is always logged into Facebook as well and it gets annoying when I get a notification about a message that I got two weeks ago and it still shows up on my phone. It would be nice for Facebook to leave me alone sometimes.