Monday, March 5, 2012

Can Michael Jordan ever die?

Now, I don't mean literally pass away and get buried underground, but his face and name are still on more products than any other player I can think of. I had this thought when I was watching ESPN today and a new Gatorade commercial came on with Michael Jordan in it. This commercial's slogan is "Win from Within." It showed Michael Jordan playing through the flu in the commercial and still dominating in game five of the 1997 NBA finals versus the Jazz. Most people, if you are an NBA fan, can clearly remember this game, especially because Jordan had 35 points and was sick as a dog. Nobody thought he could play, but not only did he play, he was the reason they had won the game. The commercial is showing that because Michael Jordan dug deep within himself he won the game. The point of it was that Gatorade can help you reach deep within yourself and inevitably help your game out.

If you haven't seen his new commercial yet you can watch it by clicking here.

Anyways, I chose this commercial to talk about simply because it was another Michael Jordan advertisement. His career came to an end a decade ago and yet I still see him in the news, on the cover of video games, and in commercials more than most other celebrities/athletes. Being one of the most popular people in the world is why Jordan is constantly involved with the media and I don't see it stopping too soon. But my question for those avid commercial watchers out there is if you think it is time for MJ to take a break from being in these modern commercials and brand new video game covers or are you fine with seeing his face all the time? My wish for Jordan is that he becomes an analyst on an NBA channel and puts his advertising career in the past.


  1. I'm still waiting for Space Jam 2.

  2. I mean he is, almost without any argument, the best player ever to play in the NBA. Not many (educated) people would ever question that. In addition, he become not only a national star, but was one of the first international stars from the NBA. His face became known around the world thanks to his participation on the Dream Team of the 1992 Summer Olympics, and his Nike contracts. I mean he has his own brand under Nike called Jordan for goodness sake. There will most likely never be a star as big as him. He was and still is (to an extent) the face of the NBA. And to an extent he always will be. He's simply the best that ever played the game. So to answer your question, he will most likely never fully go away. And why should he? Until someone comes along who is better at the sport, a more captivating character, and becomes a global star on his level, then MJ is here to stay.