Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chiddy Bang and Diplo in Madison

I don't know if anybody has heard, but tonight Diplo and Chiddy Bang will be performing in the Majestic theatre here in Madison. The reason not too many people know about this is because not only is it a surprise event, but the tickets for this concert are being sold in a very unique way. At this point though, it's a sold out concert. AXE, the company, is the sponsor for this concert tonight. The only chance anybody had to get tickets was to see the AXE truck driving around Madison on Monday March 26th. People were supposed to follow it till it stopped and pick up FREE tickets. What a way to sell a concert right? Even better though, what a way to sell your brand. An AXE truck driving around Madison all day giving out concert tickets as well as AXE products away for free! Nobody is going to be forgetting that anytime soon. Next time you are looking for soap or a deodorant product and you see an AXE label, don't be surprised when you start singing Chiddy Bang songs. It's a genius way to advertise to a school of 40,000 people, because AXE knew exactly what they were doing and they also knew that the concert would be sold out. Is anybody going? What do you think of this unique type of advertising?


  1. I wish I would have known about this! I think this advertising model is brilliant, but I feel like it should have been publicized more. I didnt' know a thing about it and would never think to follow an AXE truck to get free concert tickets haha.

  2. This type of advertising is so interesting. I did hear about the concert, but only because someone tweeted it. It's crazy the way social media and other forms of advertising can get so much publicity. I wish I saw the AXE truck because I would have loved to go to the concert!!