Sunday, March 18, 2012

CRASH the Super Bowl

We all know how ridiculously expensive commercial time slots are during the Super Bowl. According to USA Today The average cost for a 30-second spot last year was $3.5 million, with some time slots costing as much as $4 million. 

Companies are willing to pay so much money on an ad if they know people are watching. Superbowl XLVI broke records for the most watched thing in television history. 

With so many guaranteed viewers, and a variety of viewers too, Superbowl Commercials can get pretty crazy. It interesting that quite a few viewers watch the Super Bowl more or less for the commercials. We go the entire year HATING them but come February we can't wait. So marketing officials and advertisers have to make them count.

So much could be said about Super Bowl commercials but I'm just going to focus on one thing.....

The Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl contest. Every year people from all over the US compete to see if the can get there entry on TV.

Each finalist prize (“Finalist Prize”) consists of $25,000 and the Gramd prize winner is eligible to receive a bonusGrand Prize Winner will receive a bonus of $1,000,000 for landing in a #1 spot, $600,000 for landing in a #2 spot, and 
$400,000 for landing in a #3 spot. 

Jonathan Friedman won 1 million dollars for this video.

This video (one of my favorite) has nearly 8 million views on youTube

Doritos has commercialized people's artistic creativity--they are exploiting it!

Yes, yes Doritos is spending a lot of money and its not like the winners go home empty handed but their products get the most publicity. In some respects Doritos is cutting costs. For example they can eliminate some of the advertisement staff, a few less salaries to pay.

The best part about this contest at least for Doritos is that it involves no risk. They get such a large pool of submissions that its only too easy to pick ones that will be a success.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think gets the better deal Doritos or contest participates?...SHARE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW

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