Sunday, March 11, 2012

From Homeless to Hollywood

Ted Williams, the man who became famous overnight. No, I'm not referring to, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, two-time american league MVP, Triple Crown winner, and former Boston Red Sox left fielder Ted Williams. Rather, I'm refer to homeless man turned viral sensation, Ted Williams--the man with the Golden Voice.


Early January last year Williams and his story were everywhere. A videographer from Columbus Dispatch recorder a video with williams, posting it on the newspapers website. In no time at the all the video found it's way to youtube, currently with over 20 million views, receivied a lot of attention from social networking users, and the mainstream media. Naturally for Ted Williams the Job offers came rolling in.

No Sooner after begin discover on the side of the road, homeless, and begging for money, was the marketing and advertising world after him! (Not that he minded I'm sure.) These job offers included Kraft Foods and NBA basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers, with guest appearances on The Early Show, Today, and Dr. Phil. Ted Williams was suddenly a hot commodity.

Why should we care about this story? Well this is a classic example of what modern day consumerism is about. Don't get me wrong I'm was just as happy as the next person for Williams. It's a little scary though that one mans voice can capture so much attention, that has to be some powerful voice. 

Marketing Giants were after Williams' talent before he was even completely rehabilitated. (Williams is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic.) No his voice didn't hypnotized consumers in to buying whatever product, but it certainly was appealing.

Voice-over artists are valuable advertising strategies. I refer to the old adage "It's not what you say it's how you say it". This saying couldn't be more relevant then in marketing. That means it's all about the tone, pitch and inflection of voice. 

According to 38% of human communication comes from a person's tone of voice, and a meager 7% comes from the actual words said. I imagine the average consumer is likely to be mesmerized by a sultry voice, and miss out.

Don't believe me on how powerful an individuals voice can be? People attend school for voice training--Williams did. Just check out how much money voice-over artists are making. According to CNN their average annual salary is $47,000 and if you have a highly recognizable voice, you'll probably get paid more. Surely they are being paid for a reason. I also found this on 

Different voices provoke different feelings, and marketing professionals take advantage of that. Advertisement feature soothing, sultry, soft, sweet, inviting, haunting, and powerful voices really what ever the occasion calls for. Which ever will make there ads more effective in drawing you in. Advertisers are probably asking themselves "Which voice has the most presence?"

CHECK out what I came across online.Your voice is so...

Have you ever given much thought to a persons voice, during a commercial? Have you considered how powerful an individuals voice can be, it's ability to maybe manipulate its listener? Can you think of anybody's voice who stands out in a commercial, famous or not?….SHARE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW

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