Monday, March 5, 2012

Today, while walking from one end of State Street to the other, I noticed just how many boards there were with so many advertisements. I took a minute to look at some, a lot having to do with local bands, some comedians, nearby restaurants and cafes, local art shows, etc. And then it made me think of just how successful advertising like this is?

I used to work for Red Mango on State Streetand we did the same type of advertising. We had one very successful promition called Study Break.  Our ads were colorful and the font that expressed what buyers could get discounted or free was much more bold than the rest of the font. This promition brought us much more business than other promtions so I have to think that this type of adveritsing is effective and helpful for local businesses.

Do other bloggers have any examples of where this type of advertising, specific to State Street has been effective either for you, or for people/businesses you know?

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