Monday, April 9, 2012

Blackboard Advertising: A Bust for Blogs

I have some unfortunate news. My first experiement conducted for this class was a failure. Each day I returned to the lecture hall I had written our blog's URL, the words had been erased. It is unclear whether this was done by the professors, the cleaning staff, or students. Either way, my blackboard advertising did not stick in large lecture halls.

However, in the small Van Hise classroom, the advertisement remained on the board for the entire experiment. Unfortunately, I do not think it directed much traffic to our blog.

According to our analytics, throughout the time the advertisement was posted on the board there were no new traffic trends. This means all our blog's viewers continued to come from our class blog or directly typing in the URL. Though it is possible some of these URL views were students responding to the advertisement, it is unlikely considering the numbers remained relatively the same as before. Had students been responding, there would have been an increase.

Therefore, my stance remains on blackboard advertising. I think it is great for clubs, student orgs, and promoting events or a name, yet it is not particularly helpful if you are using blackboard advertising to initiate action. I think most students read the signs, and eventually have the name in the back of their head, but that is all. I feel at most a handful of very interested students will act according to the blackboard advertising.

That being said, I still support blackboard advertising as getting a name out there where students can see it and advertisers don't have to pay any money is a great idea.

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  1. Kim Van Dyn HovenApril 9, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    I feel that with blackboard advertising unless someone actually goes up and makes a speech students may glance at it and then not even think twice about it because they have no clue what it is for. If you had given a speech in front of some classes then certain students may have looked at it out of curiosity and professors would have maybe been more likely to leave it up. I know in my math class my professor always erases what is on the board because he likes to use the whole space to write. I think it is cool that you actually went and did an experiment for your blog though. :)