Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bud Selig in Madison

For those of you who don't know who Bud Selig is, he is the commissioner of Major League Baseball, America's past time. He has held this position for a while now. Well, he came to Madison today and I went to see him speak. What a great speaker he is. He talked about the general issues and concerns surrounding major league baseball as well as take some questions. What I thought was most interesting in his speech was when he discussed how important the media is to baseball. He is a huge advocate for the media being heavily involved with the MLB and its actions. This is an excellent choice by him because he can clearly see that the only way fans can connect with their teams is if the media gets them involved. Bud Selig comes to Madison about once every year to talk in front of a crowd of people. He does this because he loves Madison. Not only did he go to school here, but Wisconsin is his home state.

The reason why a large part of his speech was dedicated toward talking about the media's involvement in the MLB is because his visit was advertised/sponsored by the Wisconsin School of Journalism. Rather than sponsored, because he was not paid to come speak, he was invited by them. What's so crazy is that somebody as high profile as Commissioner Selig visiting campus was not well known at all. People had no idea that he was coming. I guess that since it was a free event it was important the word wasn't spread. If it were spread, the crowd would have been way larger. The only advertising I saw for this event was on the Wisconsin School of Journalism website. The event was located in the back room of the Pyle Center overlooking the lake. It's not like the room was small, but there was no chance it would fit the amount of people that would've came if it were advertised. Did anybody else attend this and have any feedback? I would like to know what you guys thought on not only how this was advertised, but also what you thought of the conference itself?

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