Monday, April 23, 2012

Can you say Lifestyle marketing?

A while back this commercial was pretty popular and Old Spice was getting a lot attention because of it. In fact this commercial is STILL getting a lot of attention the views and comments still rolling in on YouTube. The latest comment was posted an hour ago and the video itself was posted over two years ago. (The video also well over 40 million views.)

So what is so appealing about this commercial. Someone in the Old Spice Offices is clearly doing something right. They put an attractive guy next to there product, somethings women love, and they know men love women. So what did they do over at Old Spice? They told men that if they wore Old spice wonderfully impossible things would happen to them, and oh yeah girls would eat it up.

The interesting thing about this commercial is that there is nothing subtle about it. Old Spice is not even attempting to mask their obvious lifestyle marketing with this ad. Lifestyle marketing is when advertiser exploit the values (or even create them) of a culture for the purpose of profit.

Because of this one commercial telling women what the want, and men what they need the guy in the video was able to launch his acting career and no doubt Old Spice made a little bit of extra cash on the side. This commercial also makes statements about masculinity and what it means to be masculine.

This commercial has become so popular that even sesame street did a parody of it. Here is the link. Sesame Street isn't the only one either What does this translate into for Old Spice? Free publicity, thats right! This is especially true thanks to youtube and social media.

But what do we think is worse Lifestyle Marketing that is subtle perhaps undetectable or overt use of the strategy? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW...

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