Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Commercial at Work

Sitting in my living room just the other day my friend and I were in the midst of watching the Cubs game but after the inning ended, the commercials came on. One of the commercials that came on was a McDonalds commercial. It grabbed the attention of both my friend Andy and I. The commercial showed people eating McDonald's and being happy and there was music in the background and just lots of things going on. When the commercial ended my friend Andy and I were talking about how diverse the commercial was. I think that's what really grabbed our attention the most. McDonald's has more diversity in their commercial's than most other companies I have ever seen. I guess they almost have to though because of the diversity of their customers. Anyways, when the game we were watching turned back on Andy and I got hungry and the top restaurant in mind... McDonald's. The commercial we just saw was not only on our minds, but had just entered out stomachs. All in all, we made the trip to drive thru McDonald's. On our way we saw an advertisement for the Shamrock Shake, so we bought those too. Today McDonald's was two for two in their advertising towards my friend and I. My question is... are all companies as good as McDonald's is at advertising and it's just my personal preference that wanted McDonald's, or is McDonald's really better than most other companies at advertising?

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