Monday, April 23, 2012

Consumerism and Facebook

A lot of times us Facebook users (i.e. virtually everyone on the planet) too often thing of Facebook in the realm of things we produce online. We're always thinking about this we put online and that's mostly the side of Facebook we talk about in school, work, and among friends. However in our participation in FB we are consuming a lot more than we are producing. And this consumption is not just by the overstated consumption of things Facebook the Company have put online for us (Apps, access to advertisers, etc.); it is also our consumption of things our FB friends put online.

We might consider being more critically of the things we see on Facebook. Just because someone has over 1,000 friends on Facebook that doesn't mean they are personable or have many friends in real life. (Yes I'm aware that sometimes they are personable and have a lot of friends but we should consider that sometimes they are not.) I'm not judging all I'm saying is what people but on FB is what they want you to see not necessarily the truth. We here a lot about how you can tell so much about a person from their FB profile and you can, but we should consider this with a grain of salt. Someone's online persona can be quite different from their persona in real life.

Photos can often me misleading often times they are photoshopped. And have you notice that need people   now have to photographically document every moment in their life, thanks to FB. People feel the need to make their life seem more exciting on their profiles. Pre-FB I could hang out with people hung out without taking pictures every time someone blinked. Facebook users have this "look at me" tendency. Now people are constantly snapping photographs to put on FB. In extreme cases with people whom they don't know very well, or just met just to increase the headcount. Had it not been for Facebook they might not have asked.


  1. I also read an article a few months ago about a study showing that having more than 354 friends could lead to depression. Keeping track of 400 friends who post pictures and status updates about their "wonderful lives" make the individual start comparing and ultimately feel depressed about his or her own life. But this shouldn't necessarily be the case because the friends are only showing the good sides about themselves online; Facebook gives a very "limited and unrealistic view" of the friends' lifestyle.

    Quote from the article by the study author: "The more friends you have, the more likely you are to spend your day enviously reading about someone’s paradise vacation, new girlfriend, or job promotion. "

    Check the article below! ;)

  2. I certainly would not agree with the assertion that virtually the whole planet is on Facebook. There are more people not on it than on it. And once users come to realise the real nature of Facebook, I believe it's numbers will fall.