Sunday, April 29, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Picking Which Advertisements You View Online

As media has progressed, so has advertising. Such progress and technology has made options a new part of advertising.

I was watching a TV show on Hulu today when I noticed that each time an advertisement came on screen, there was a box at the top reading "is that ad relevant to you?" I was then given the option to press yes or no.

I decided the tab was interesting and played around with it a little. The first advertisement I viewed was about a car. Since I am not in the market for a car any time soon, I checked the "no" button. On the next commercial break, I was shown advertisements for Scott Walker and Hulu. Being a student in Wisconsin who uses Hulu on a weekly basis, both advertisements were extremely relevant to me.

The ability to view a variety of advertisements and choose which ones you would like to see again enhances the commercial viewing experience. As a viewer, I am more likely to watch an advertisement that is relevant to me. Furthermore, if the majority of the advertisements appearing on my computer are tailored specifically to me, I am in turn more likely to view all advertisements, catching some new ones that I may not have chosen.

I see this as a brilliant advertising move making both producers and consumers happy. Consumers are only viewing the ads they want to while producers are increasing their chances to make a sale by targeting consumers interested in their goods.

Do you think all ads shown on the computer should come with the option for you to state whether or not the ad is relevant to you?

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