Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Facebook Breaking Bad

This week in class, we have been discussing Facebook.  For the time being, the nation and Facebook users everywhere freely and effortlessly peruse the pages of the huge social networking icon.  However, I always fear that one day I will wake up to see that Facebook has malfunctioned and everyones personal messages and other information that hides behind "the wall" will be disclosed to the entire world to see.  Hopefully this never happens.
I finally realized that there is a cure for this fear.  Facebook should be used more responsibly, and users should be conscious of who they allow to become their friends.  I personally freaked out this week because I came to the realization that i have a potpourri of 1,708 friends on Facebook, and of those, I would say I am actually friends with about 500 of them.  Looks like it might her time for some spring cleaning, or possibly a fresh start on the social network of social networks.

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