Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Media vs. Old School Advertising

Remember advertising before social media? Computers? Television? Me neither.

As new technology increasingly seems to be the way to go in terms of advertising, consumers and business owners begin to forget about the old, and not entirely bad, ways.

I spoke with a small business owner from my town back home. A little over a year ago, she opened a personal training studio and immediately began advertising. She got herself on local TV shows, appeared regularly on the radio, sent out mass text messages to clients, and created a website, blog, Twitter, and Facebook page.

According to the business owner only about 20% of her clients come from all the above media combined. She built her clientele through the use of billboards. She claims over 30% of her clients have come from just two billboards, displayed at two different times in two different locations.

Though billboards are not always fancy and high-tech, they are still highly effective. A giant sign attracting the eyes of nearly every driver day after day cannot help but gain attention. Roughly 30,000 people drive by her billboard every day. Most of them pass it on their way home or to work, so they are bombarded by the sign day after day, reminding them to sign up with a trainer. Eventually, this is effective.

My question to our readers is whether or not you think this is a rare case. Can billboards be more effective than social media? And is the modern day business owner not giving enough credit to the old ways of advertising?


  1. I think that billboards definitely are considered "Old school" when compared to newer technological media such as internet advertising, but they can clearly be effective. I think it's an important aspect of advertising to look into just as internet advertising is because it's a completely separate market. People go on the internet, so there is a need for online advertising. People drive on highways all the time, so there is a need for billboard advertising. I think that it really depends on who your clients are to decide if you think billboard advertising is better than online advertising, but why not try both? I think covering all the different aspects is important.

    But good story! I would've never thought that someone's main advertising and clients come from billboards over other advertising. I guess it all depends on what the market is for that service!

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