Sunday, April 15, 2012

The other day while riding the bus I noticed a misspelling on the board outside of McDonalds. The word "night" was spelt wrong. As I thought about this, I felt like it related to advertising because McDonalds advertise through that board to try and get customers to eat there. When there are misspellings, it reflects horribly on the management of the restaurant. I think advertising can be looked at in a variety of ways. In some regards, we are advertising ourselves through job applications, resumes, etc. Restaurants and businesses advertise in ways other than just commercials, coupons, ads. In a world this competitive, it is imperative to advertise properly thus meaning spelling and speaking correctly. Has anyone else noticed misspellings like this one? What did you think when you noticed?

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  1. I have wondered quite a bit lately whether, as a society, we are writing less and less well or whether the democratization of publication (anyone can post anything) just reveals how badly Americans wrote all along. Read any set of comments and you will see, not only misspellings, but the wrong words used over and over again.

    This will have recursive effects. Even twenty years ago, most things that one read had been edited and were reasonably accurate. Now, much of the reading people do is web based and likely contains many errors of usage. Repeated exposure normalizes.

    Those who do know the difference, for example, between accept and except notice when people use the wrong one. As Olivia notes above, one's job applications and resumes either demonstrate accuracy or they look really bad.

    I am not sure what to do about this or even what to think about it.