Sunday, April 22, 2012

Speaking of Facebook...

All this reading and assignments on how amazing Facebook is had my brain stirring these past couple days. Yes, I am an avid Facebook user, yes, I think it's an amazing invention and even a better social network, and yes, Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. All these incredible things about Facebook are true... but is there really no downside? You mean to tell me that all these hundreds of millions of people that use this one website to basically put their life on it has no negatives to it at all? Well let me be the first to say, there has to be some consequences. Ever since the beginning of Facebook this social network has just gotten bigger and bigger. Just in the past year it decided to go public and just a couple weeks ago spent a billion dollars on Instagram. Well, there are a couple problems I am having with Facebook; though they are not problematic enough to keep me from going on there multiple times every day, they are still considered a problem to me. First things first, in a way Facebook is becoming a monopoly. There is literally no other website that can do the things Facebook can, not to mention there are zero other social networks near as advanced as Facebook. What that all means is... they are taking over! My next issue with Facebook is knowing how much information they have about the people of this planet. They have more information about more people on this planet than anybody else. Is that legal? Well, yes, I don't think they would be doing something so big if it were illegal. With all that information they could become the advertising monopoly of the world. Anyways, just some things to think about when reading up on how amazing Facebook is. I am all for Facebook and have no negative attitude towards it, I just like thinking about the opposite side. What do you guys think?

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  1. This post was really interesting. I definitely agree that the amount of access to information that Facebook has is frightening. They probably have more access to more personal personal information than the government does. While I doubt that Facebook will ever be able to corner the market on general advertising, companies that work on advertising on the internet shouldn't get to comfortable with their market shares anytime soon.