Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This week for class we read a lot about Facebook and people's online identities in "The Face of Facebook".  Mark Zuckerberg claims that the invention of Facebook will make the world we live in more transparent.  He also says all of our worlds/ identities are beginning to mesh on Facebook because there is nowhere to hide.  I 100% disagree.  I feel that Facebook allows the user to shape and mold a profile that appeals to everyone even if it is not true.  For example, people are allowed to tag and untag every picture they are tagged in.  They can delete things they have said that they might regret. The user can control who sees what, and everything else on their profile.  Also, you can control who you are and are not friends with.  Facebook gives complete control to the user and allows them to form and mold an online persona that is not transparent in the slightest.  You 100% manage almost every aspect of your life and you can make it look however you want.  I think these facts are important to consider while looking at other profiles on Facebook.  Especially when receiving friend requests.  I also find it questionable that so many employers rely on Facebook to hire employees.  How can anyone be certain of what a person is like simply based on their profile?  They cant because the user has all the control to make themselves appear however they want.

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  1. I would definitely have to agree with you, I think Facebook is an excellent place for performance, the performance of whatever type of "face" we want to present to the public. And as Facebook users, we have the ability to present each performance of ourselves to separate groups of people or individuals. Transparency, to me, has a certain connotation of genuineness and seeing the truth, having nothing to hide and nothing that is hidden, and I think that that's quite the opposite of what Facebook promotes or is often used as.